Who Will Succeed In ECO

Who Will Succeed In Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO)?  You will if you:

Who Will Succeed in Entrepreneur Community Online?You Will Succeed in Entrepreneur Community Online

  • Are an early adopter that is not afraid to make mistakes multiple times
  • You value substance over style
  • Self Identify As An Entrepreneur

NOTE FROM CEO: This does not mean that this descriptor has been in your language all along, because, typically it has not been. Here is an example. As the owner of a construction company for 19 years, I self identified as self employed – I was a solopreneur. I had 18 full time employees and at least 160 subcontractors every day – and yet I was self employed. And I was miserable, I knew there was something else than what I had just lived through. And then when I launched out on my own, I intentionally looked for other words to describe myself. I tried home based, small business, etc and when I heard “entrepreneur” I knew that this was me. It is a word that captures the feeling behind what we do all day. ECO will not appeal to the person who only wants to own a job, no matter what they call themselves. It will only appeal to those who see a bigger picture, have a bigger vision, who think of what they do all day long as contributing to the greater good, not just as a way to pay the rent.

And you will ONLY succeed in ECO if you are ready to roll up your shirt sleeves, get your hands dirty and IMPLEMENT your ideas!

1. Subscribe.

Put skin in this game. This is step 1 in making the commitment to us, that we will automatically make to you as part of our community.

2. Learn.

a) That means that you are willing to learn all day, every day from everyone and every video tutorial you come in contact with.
b) NOTE FROM CEO: I wish I could tell you how many people a day I learn from. I go to sleep at night every night thinking 3 things and not always in this order:

i. Will I ever learn everything I need to know?
ii That is so great what that person shared with me today, I am so lucky I met them!
iii The more I learn the less I know, thank goodness I get to start over again tomorrow!

I know that got personal, but, this is the person who will thrive in ECO. Because we all have so much to learn from each other… and when we do, magic happens.

Entrepreneur Community Online is a community that cares about entrepreneurs3. Engage! Take ACTION! Participate. Play.

Subscribe as a FREE member, meet us all in the social media part of ECO, learn from the tutorials and each other. And when you are ready, engage in the power teams. Sitting on the sidelines won’t get you anywhere in ECO, or anywhere else for that matter. Become part of our team and we will become part of yours! We will help make it happen for you – but, only if you initiate and then follow through.

This is NOT a social media platform that you sign up for and never return to. It is a community of entrepreneurs excitedly doing what is necessary to move their businesses forward. Jump in, roll up your sleeves, make mistakes and evolve!

One more thing: Make sure you are willing to align with the ECO mission, vision, values.