What ECO is NOT

What Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO) Is NOT.

ECO is a global social network and e-learning platform for entrepreneurs.

Our Community And Its Purpose:

As a community we work together to promote and support each other and our products and services. We welcome anyone who is willing to:

  • Subscribe – make the commitment to be part of our team
  • Learn – learn from everyone in the community and share what they know
  • Engage – ACTIVELY participate

We do NOT actively support or promote non-community members.

Education – Now And In The Future:

We offer fee based services that will teach you how to:

  • connect online
  • establish subject matter expertise online
  • build your online community

Then, when ready, we offer more tutorials that will teach you how to turn your business into a cash making machine.

Your success now and in utilizing other educational content will depend on your consistent use of this training and the included tools. You must consistently participate to see results.


  • making any claims or guarantees for your success in the use of this instruction or processes.
  • going to use these tools for you.
  • going to make necessary connections for you.
  • responsible for the results of any connections that you make as a result of using the site.

Advisors & Connectpreneurs

As a visitor to ECO, you will have access to the video clips and contact info for every ECO Advisor or Connectpreneur onsite. Please take advantage of this opportunity to meet them and learn from them.


  • responsible for any transactions that may occur as a result of your contact with any ECO Advisor or Connectpreneur.

Funding Solutions

As a visitor to ECO, you will be introduced to potential funding solutions. This information will be presented as a resource only. It will be up to you to do the research and due diligence necessary to see if this will be a viable solution for you.


  • going to review your plan, your financials or advise you in regards to this information.
  • going to seek funding for you in anyway. You may meet an investor while working within the teams and within social media. It will be up to that investor to self identify and initiate further conversation.
  • going to provide our platform to you as a place to collect funds.
  • going to invest money in your projects in anyway.


Links for resources entries are checked at the time that they are loaded onto the site.


  • going to take responsibility for continued accuracy of the links.
  • going to verify or recommend any resource. This is provided for information only. Do your research and exercise due diligence when viewing any of these resources.

All items on this page may be amended at any time without notice.


For purposes of this page, ECO refers to staff of Entrepreneur Community Online, LLC., the corporation that owns and operates this website. This term does not refer to any ECO Advisor or other ECO Team Members that you may hire to do these listed tasks for you.

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