How Our Subscribers Use ECO

How our subscribers use Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO).

The following stories show how our subscribers and ECO Power Team members have been using Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO) and social media tools to get to that next level in their businesses. We hope these stories inspire you to subscribe so that we can help you get to your next level too!

We work with 3 groups of entrepreneurs that are being under-served in some way: those in transition; startups and existing businesses. The following stories show you how individuals within each group are succeeding because of their involvement with ECO.


One Power Team subscriber owned and operated a medical practice for 30 yrs. For the past 2 he has been productizing his knowledge.

He is now ready to market these products. He is using a combination of ECO, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn to:

  • increase his exposure as that subject matter expert;
  • to increase his exposure to potential strategic partners;
  • to increase his exposure to potential customers;

Another subscriber recently sold his business and is now looking for fulltime employment with a company big enough to challenge him and his skillsets.

He is also a subject matter expert in his industry and will be an ECO Advisor soon, sharing his expertise with other subscribers.

He is using ECO, Twitter & Linkedin to:

  • increase his exposure as that subject matter expert;
  • to increase his exposure to potential employers;
  • to observe online those same potential employers;

In the meantime, his give back is enriching the lives of his ECO teammates.


Many of our subscribers are in this mode across industries in multiple countries.

They are using ECO, Twitter and combinations of other tools to increase exposure to their subject matter expertise, to their ideas and to their businesses.

One subscriber is an inventor who uses ECO, Twitter & Linkedin to:

  • connect with strategic partners within his industry;
  • to connect with potential funding partners;

One subscriber is a designer of a product line that uses ECO, Twitter & Facebook to:

  • connect with corporate buyers;
  • meets customers who have given her valuable feedback as the products are designed – real time market research;

One Power Team subscriber is a retired professional who is now creating a solution to the problems he has encountered in his industry. He is using ECO & Twitter to:

  • gain exposure as a subject matter expert;
  • to attract strategic partners;
  • to get real time feedback on his designs from potential customers;

Existing Business:

One Power Team subscriber with a very successful brick and mortar business has taken elements of this business online. This allows her to productize her knowledge, thus allowing her to increase her income. She is using ECO, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn in the following ways:

  • to gain exposure as a subject matter expert;
  • to gain exposure to her online products;
  • to meet strategic partners;
  • to convert traffic to sales;

Another Power Team subscriber has had a private consulting business within the medical field for 25 yrs. He has assembled a team of highly skilled, specialized consultants in the same space. He brought his core team into ECO, utilizing the groups function as a team work environment. From here, he intends to bring in a secondary and tertiary team with the following objectives:

  • establish their team as a cohesive group of subject matter experts;
  • gain exposure to their team by using ECO, Twitter & LinkedIn;
  • use social media tools to establish their clients as subject matter experts;

ECO Advisors and Connectpreneurs:

We have many ECO Advisor’s who are using ECO, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn combinations to:

  • gain exposure as a subject matter expert;
  • gain exposure as connection points in their countries;
  • to build their brand;
  • to meet strategic parters;
  • to meet potential customers;

And along the way they are enriching the business lives of their ECO teammates.

To share in their successes, please stop by and visit the Testimonials and Awards section of the site.

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