ECO Power Teams are the heart and soul of Entrepreneur Community OnlineYou may have started as a free member.  You may have been a subscriber in the past. But, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Not until you engage in the ECO Power Teams!

This is where everything we teach you, everything you have learned on your own.. is implemented. This is where your dreams come true – no matter where you are, where you start or what you are doing. The ECO Power Teams are the heart and soul of ECO – where the magic happens!

Could you use some magic in your business right now?

The ECO Power Teams Get Results!How Does The ECO Power Team Work With The Community & The ECO University?
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Does The ECO Process Really Work? Can You Talk With A Power Team Member?

- you may contact any of the members who have left a testimonial by clicking on their links.

How Does The ECO Power Team Work With The Community & The ECO University?

First and foremost ECO is an online community – any chance we get to meet/work in person, we take. However, the majority of our work is done online. That is why one of the first things we all learn is how to use the internet effectively, as taught to us in MileMarker 1.

Initially, you may decide that you really need what is offered in the other MileMarkers. So, you will first embark on that journey. However, once you have learned what you need to know, we encourage you to come back to implement this knowledge. That is where the Power Teams shine. They are where you take the actions necessary to move forward in your business… with a team of like-minded, supportive entrepreneurs.

What Happens In The Power Team?

The team concept is best represented by this video, Leadership Lessons By The Dancing Guy. Our first try at using the concept was for a spectacular success back in 2009. And we have been fine tuning it every day since then.

Most ECO subscribers either use the internet to promote their online businesses, or they use the internet as one strand of their marketing plan for an offline business.

The first step each team member takes is to identify their individual goals, and then work within the team to determine action steps. Collectively, the teams identify a common goal/action steps that will help each of them reach their individual goals. This is very much an experiential, very fluid, quickly evolving process. It is fun, fast paced, scary and exhilarating. And it works!

What is included in Power Team membership?

ECO Power Teams Bring Success To Your BusinessInstruction for this level will include the following items:
1) Joining existing team or creating a new one
2) Instruction in how to get the most out of your Power Team experience
3) Ongoing support and involvement with and from the team, ECO staff and admin
2) Attendance at all Power Team meetings – in person and online
3) The social media side of ECO
4) The secured written content
5) Writing blog posts
6) Listing calendar event entries
7) Ability to post ads at the #ECOMarketplace
(items 5, 6 & 7 pending approval from admin, subject to all terms of service and rules of ECO)

Total cost: $240.00/yr

After the first year, you are automatically set to roll into a Current ECO Power Team Membership Status at $240.00/yr.
If you choose not to renew, it will automatically roll over into a FREE membership.
Inactive free accounts are removed after 6 months.

If knowledge gaps are identified during team involvement, it is the expectation of all involved that team members will take the instruction necessary, so that the team can operate at full capacity. In this case, individual tutorials can be purchased from The ECO University. This instruction will include a combination of video tutorial, group and/or private virtual or in person instruction. Then what is learned is immediately applied to action within the teams – learn and then engage. Team members help each other get it right for themselves and their teammates.

Great, you are ready to join, but there are no links to sign up, what do you do next?

ECO Power Team Acceptance InterviewContact admin to schedule your ECO Power Team Acceptance Interview.

It is ECO’s promise to each team member that only those willing to engage may participate. To facilitate this, we conduct a private interview with each applicant prior to acceptance.

Upon acceptance into the teams, sign up links will be provided to you and your membership/instruction will commence.

Contact us asap as we look forward to talking with your further!

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