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Business Name: Tech River + Israel Startup Network
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Also: Israel Startup Network
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Telephone Number: +972-52-4527179
Skype: questriver

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Startup Groupie

Born in the great state of Texas, and raised in Miami, FL, I’ve been living in Tel Aviv for over thirty years. I have had the incredible good fortune of landing in the middle of Silicon Wadi, Israel’s legendary high tech community, boasting the largest number of companies on NASDAQ after the US and Canada – and the largest number of patents per capita worldwide. I got the startup bug in ’95 – after answering an ad in the Jerusalem Post – and spending two glorious years at a company I renamed PowerDsine (later became Microsemi Israel). Since then, I have had the privilege of experiencing, on a daily basis, the non-stop energy and genius of this amazing ecosystem. Here’s a brief intro to the Wadi:


As the founder of Tech River, I provide business development, marketing, and marketing communications services – and write executive summaries and business plans – for Israel’s high tech community.

As the volunteer founder and organizer of the Israel Startup Network (ISN) – a group of over 1500 entrepreneurs  (, I am dedicated to expanding the knowledge, resources, connections and opportunities of our group – in order to increase the likelihood of success, and to prevent as many failures as possible – usually caused by lack of (1) funding, (2) access to partners, (3) the right mentors. To this end, we hold high-quality educational and networking events (at venues such as IBM, MS, and HP), partner with relevant organizations, and introduce our members to a wide range of opportunities and resources.

Some of our ongoing projects are geared to helping our startups gain the attention they need and deserve.  One example is our TweetFest in which we tweet about Israeli startups five days a week. Our tweets are re-tweeted by ECO-based teams and others around the world who are interested in assisting. A second ongoing project is our virtual expo on Commersphere  - - which enables our startups to showcase their companies to anyone attending our expo.

ECO Evangelist

I believe in and share the values of Entrepreneur Community Online (ECO). Its structure, underlying assumptions, and powerful commitments are unique in the industry, and will soon cause a sea change in the way entrepreneurs of all types – located in every corner of the globe – will connect to each other and move cooperatively and confidently along their paths to success. ECO is an ideal partner for Israel Startup Network, sharing our vision of creating a level playing field for entrepreneurs everywhere, building a central knowledge base, and establishing a platform that enables service providers to connect in a timely fashion with business owners who need their insights and abilities. We are proud of ISN’s partnership with ECO and look forward to helping develop a global WIN WIN WIN reality for everyone involved.


I believe in the power of networking and actively connecting people. I continually experience the ripple effects of these connections which – sometimes silently, starting in the backwaters – set exciting, previously unimagined opportunities in motion. For this reason, I am a dedicated open networker and a devoted connectpreneur. I will be happy to join you on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, and of course, Twitter. I am especially interested in connecting with Israeli startups, angel investors, VCs, potential business partners for our startups, and service providers who have the specific knowledge required to guide our companies to the next level.


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